Unisa Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

We continued the positive and constructive process between the university and the unions, which marked previous negotiations within UniSA. We discussed how the agreement can support flexibility, fairness, clarity and coherence. The search for a possible merger by UniSA and the University of Adelaide has no bearing on the negotiations. The management negotiating team involved in the negotiations will be as follows: our mutual consideration of the collective agreement has been supported by the focus on communications that could complement the agreement by highlighting commitments or expectations, for example by ensuring that staff and students are aware of the University`s Aboriginal employment obligations. inclusive education and our reconciliation action plan. While UniSA was in contact with its employees, students and the community regarding the strategic future, the negotiation teams of UniSA, NTEU and CPSU continued our productive negotiations. Updates are also provided at different stages during the process. Tomorrow, you will see in the weekly staff email a communication on the rights to be represented by a negotiator who must be communicated to all staff as part of the legal process of opening negotiations. This is an agreement on the relationship between an employer and a group of workers, which is approved by the Fair Work Commission. It sets the conditions of employment of staff, including wages, leave, labour relations, etc., and is adapted to the workplace. The length of negotiations varies because of the importance of ensuring that the agreement takes into account the interests of both parties.

Negotiations generally continue until an agreement is reached. The main steps in the negotiation process are described in an overview of UniSA`s negotiation process. Once the negotiation process is complete, voting information will be communicated to all staff covered by the agreements. Before the vote, a seven-day access period gives staff time to verify the agreement and all other documents that will help you declare the agreement and help you vote.