Gentleman`s Agreement

Dave announces that he has to leave his job because he cannot find housing for his family. Kathy owns an empty house in Darien, but even though Phil sees it as the obvious solution to Dave`s problem, Kathy is not ready to insult her neighbors by renting it out to a Jewish family. She and Phil are breaking up their engagement. Phil announces that he will be moving away from New York when his article is published. When he goes out, he is very well accepted by the magazine`s staff. The role of Phillip Green was initially offered to Cary Grant, but he refused. Peck decided to accept the role, even though his agent advised him to turn it down because he believed Peck would put his career at risk. Jewish actor John Garfield has agreed to play a lesser role in the film to be a part of it. Phil`s having a hard time starting his mission.

He realizes that he can never feel what another person feels, unless he feels it himself. He remembers living “in okie on Route 66” or in minor for previous writings, instead of tapping a man`s shoulder and making him talk. Then he decided to write: “I was Jewish for six months.” Although Kathy seems to have liberal views when he reveals what he intends to do, she is surprised and asks if he is really Jewish. The burden of her relationship with Kathy`s subtle tolerance for bigotry becomes a central topic in the film. The film was controversial in its day, as was a similar film on the same theme, Crossfire, released the same year (while this film was originally a story of homophobia, which was later turned into anti-Semitism). The Hollywood chapter of B`nai B`rith International honored Darryl Zanuck as “Man of the Year” for 1948. On Sunday, December 12, a commemorative evening was held in downtown Los Angeles at the Biltmore Hotel in front of more than a thousand spectators. Among the tributes to Zanuck, New Mexico Sen. Clinton Anderson said, “He doesn`t rush down the street of a community and asks his citizens to do good. He does not fill the pages of books with words that come together for a sermon. He leaves you comfortably sitting in a theatre, sinking into a problem, going out into the night with your thoughts and lips and saying to your lips: “This situation should be changed”. [8] After the official speeches, there was a show of star varieties, including the Hollywood film world debut of the team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.