Free Trade Agreement Nz Uk

Since the UK will no longer be a member of the EU customs union, the EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement will not include the UK. New Zealand and the United Kingdom began free trade negotiations in June 2020. New paths for sustainable trade, including climate change considerations. At present, the UK is unable to conclude its own trade agreements during the 11-month transition period following its exit from the EU in January. Todd McClay, National Trade Spokesman, stressed that the unrestricted access of our agricultural products to the UK, particularly lamb and butter, was essential to a successful free trade agreement between New Zealand and Britain. However, it is unlikely that British farmers will want free competition with meat (or Australian meat) and dairy products. The impact that Brexit could have on the EU-US free trade agreement depends on the final agreement between the EU and the UK. The UK hopes to conclude an agreement by the end of August that will replace the existing EU agreement with Japan, which came into force last year. The United Kingdom and New Zealand are coordinated in many areas, which will allow us to move quickly on many chapters.

During the discussions, the two countries stressed the desire to be particularly ambitious in areas, including promoting digital trade, promoting cross-border trade in services and investment, reducing uncertainty and burden on exporters through customs procedures and promoting best regulatory practices. The discussions also allowed the two teams to reflect on how to work together across the agreement to support important agendas such as women`s economic empowerment, trade and development, indigenous trade, clean growth and the fight against climate change, and to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the free trade agreement. New Zealand is negotiating a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, one of the world`s largest economies and a long-standing partner of New Zealand. We have come close to an ambitious and far-reaching free trade agreement with one of our oldest friends. A free trade agreement with New Zealand can generate investment, better jobs, higher wages and more affordable prices, especially when we need them most. Both negotiating teams recognized the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves and reaffirmed the need to increase world trade to support the post-Covid economic recovery. The negotiations were virtual and covered an extensive agenda of discussion in all areas of a trade agreement. A spokesperson for the Department of International Trade said of The Peters interview: “We are delighted with the possibility of a free trade agreement.” The UK says it wants to join a free trade agreement involving 11 Asia-Pacific countries.