Agreement Officer Representative

The representative of a contract agent (COR) is a person authorized in writing by the contract agent to perform certain technical or administrative tasks. The CoR must receive a written reference to its authority to act on behalf of the awarding entity. (subsection DFARS 201.602-2) Contract agents may appoint qualified staff to attend the technical check or contract management. A COR: [1] Agency Unique Certification Requirements: Federal authorities may have unique certification requirements in addition to the Federal Certification (FAC) requirements. Civilian staff members are encouraged to consult their personnel policies for the acquisition of agencies, internal agency websites and/or their career acquisition manager, in order to learn more. The Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer`s Representative (FAC-COR) program is designed for acquisition professionals within the federal government who operate and manage contracts. Contract agent representatives play a crucial role in ensuring that contractors comply with their contract commitments. They facilitate the proper development of requirements and assist contract agents in the development and management of their contracts. The objective of this program is to establish training and experience requirements for these purchasers. The CAF-COR applies to all executive agencies, with the exception of the Ministry of Defence (DoD). Reciprocity with other certifications – Department of Defense (DoD): For DoD agents with a valid and current Cor certification according to DoDI 5000.72, an equivalent FCC-COR certification may be issued at the same level of certification, provided that the FCC-COR experience and continuous learning needs are met and the ACM agency approves the certification. When applying for an CAF-COR, the person is responsible for providing his ACM agency with documentation that supports his OrD COR certification, experience and continuous learning history. ISP maintains a list of business training providers for acquisition.

ISPs do not assist or verify provider training materials for CAF skills orientation. It is strongly recommended that market research be conducted in order to inform the choice of training providers. The Technical Representative of a Contract Agent (COTR) is a link between the U.S. government and a private contractor.